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There are licensed roofing contractors who are low bidders. Unfortunately, they often cut corners in order to provide a low bid and get the job. Like using off-the-shelf flashing that doesn’t fit flush with the chimney or wall. Or, not replacing them at all. Not replacing or painting your new roof jacks. Later these practices can cause your new roof to leak. We take measurements and have the flashing custom made. Then we paint it to match your roof, which makes your roof more attractive. As you can see, a quality new roof is all in the details.

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Please be careful to not hire an unlicensed roofing contractor. If there’s a problem — like he moved an exhaust fan and then didn’t rewire it correctly — he might not be around to fix it. Or if the problem is bigger, your guy may not have the resources to stand behind his work. You can check to see if they have a license here.  By the way, it's also up to you to check to see if a roofer is insured. Be careful if the roofer says, “Your homeowners insurance will cover everything.” Maybe. Maybe not. To be sure, check with your insurance company because if your uninsured contractor’s worker hurts himself, the worker could sue you.

Checklist for Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Has a good reputation. Ask for references and call them.

Has adequate insurance.

Will thoroughly inspect your roof, including flashing, chimney, and  other roof penetrations.

​Provides a written estimate, including an accurate description of the work to be performed and work that may have to be contracted.

Checks existing ventilation for proper circulation.

Explains the importance of ventilation. Improper ventilation will damage shingles and may invalidate manufacturer's warranty. 

Knows, explains, and complies with local building codes.

Applies shingles according to manufacturer's specifications.

Commits to supervise the job during all phases of work and inspects it completely when finished.

Uses quality roofing materials.

Has a "never knew we were there" clean-up policy.

​Offers a one to two year guarantee, besides the manufacturer's guarantee. (Hanford Roofing offers a five-year guarantee.)

Before You Hire A Roofing Contractor