Luxury Shingles for Historical Church Roofing


Your new roof will be Title 24 compliant. That means the materials and installation comply with the California Energy Commission's Standards (Cool Roofs) for residential and nonresidential roofing. Cool roofs are designed to reduce air conditioner demand, save money, and reduce the urban "heat island" effect. That's good. But if your new roof is not installed and vented properly, it will not perform to standards. It will "sweat" or deteriorate and your air conditioner will have to work harder. There goes the energy savings. 


One of the secrets to our high quality is that we don't skimp on our initial inspection. Your roof will be measured, inspected, and the ventilation requirements calculated to Title 24 standards. Roof jacks, rafter tails, fascia board, and roof flashings are all carefully examined. The best time to replace these items is during a new roofing installation, not after! Because our inspections are so thorough, we rarely have change-orders — that means, in most all cases, no surprises when it comes to the final price.

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​​​​​Why Hanford Roofing Company is the smart choice.

You're about to find out why Hanford Roofing Company is the best and smartest choice for your new roof. For one thing, we're your neighbors  Hanford Roofing Company is local and family owned since 1968. That means ...

  • We can personally ensure you get the full attention you deserve
  • Superior roofing products 
  • Highly skilled roofers
  • Most value for your hard-earned dollars 
  • Peace of mind
  • And, should you have a problem, we're here.
Concrete Tile Roof in Hanford CA
Custom Tile: Ceramic Clay Roof in Hanford
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Custom Tile: Ceramic Clay

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Today you have more choices in shingle colors and styles. Plus there are more choices for metal and valley flashings. Andy is happy to meet you at your home or place of business. He will bring roofing samples and product information. After-hours appointments are just fine. Simply contact us today.


You want your new roof to last. Good roofing products ensure your new roof will better withstand the wind and weather. We use the best roofing materials available today. Plus we use "cool roof coatings" to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

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When Andy bids on your new roof, he will offer you three different pricing options: Good, Better, Best. "The homeowner makes the decision, but installation is the same regardless of which materials they choose," he says. "The price difference is just a matter of longer lasting shingles." 


Next to the purchase of your home, your new roof is a huge investment and one of the most important you can make. If you make a mistake, you could be paying big. For example, recently we had to redo a roof that was only seven years old. The roofing material was fine, but the new roof had been installed right over a rotting plywood foundation!  As owner Andy Perez, Jr. says, "A roof is only as good as its foundation."